Learning context.

The main objective in these workshops is to have fun and make the world of technology seem more like a goldmine of opportunity and ideas rather than an intimidating avalanche of code, numbers, and symbols. Finding resources, utilizing existing designs and understanding how to adapt other’s ideas to perform our desired functions are fundamental skills necessary to keep up with the fast-paced nature of the technology.

The IoT Rover course is an excellent way break into the world of DIY electronics and begin developing your own projects. The design approaches and components are all compatible with a wide range of applications meaning you can take parts of this course and use them directly in a project of your own.

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Hi, I’m Alex

This course is based off a fun side project I did myself about a year ago. I had a lot of fun assembling figuring out which components worked the best for this project and really liked the result.

I use the knowledge I gained from playing with this robot in all my projects, work and hobbies. Because it was both fun and useful I wanted to share it as an easy to understand and follow package with everyone,

Mechanical construction.

Assembly techniques and skills are utilised in the construction of the rover.

Electrical circuit design.

The simple circuits made in this course are an excellent introduction into the world of electronics.

Arduino coding.

Using existing code examples and modifying them for our uses is an extremely efficient approach to creating IoT projects.